Group Term Insurance

The Risk

  • In today's fast-changing world the risk of death of an employee cannot be completely ignored. It may prove particularly distressing for the dependants and family members.

The Solution

  • To protect the dependants and the family members from such a scenario, protection under Group Term Insurance Policy is available.

The Cover

  • Group Term Insurance is a convenient yearly risk insurance product which pays a Face Amount to the employees in the event of any cause of death.
  • A Group Term insurance plan is not only cheaper than individual coverage but also waives the requirement of medical tests in most cases.
  • In addition to add-on accident & disability riders, Group Term plans also offer an option to convert to an individual policy.
  • The amount of life cover can be customized based on requirements like a uniform cover for all members or a grade wise cover. This cover is available 24/7 anywhere in the world.