Credit Insurance

The Risk

The business that is built by spending so much time and resource is constantly under the threat of many unfortunate events that put the whole system in a huge financial loss. When it comes to the assets of business, trade receivables are considered one of the main components but don’t get the protection they deserve.


The Solution

Credit insurance helps businesses protect their current as well as future cash flows along with its profits. It also helps businesses in freeing up resources to concentrate on core activities with ensured safety.


The Cover

Credit Insurance Improves A Company’s Financial Health By:

  • Providing an insight into customers' financial status and help enhance customer relationship
  • Improving banking relationships and better access to finance
  • Protecting business against risk of insolvency
  • Enhancing the business’s confidence in pursuing new opportunities without apprehension

Futurisk Advantage

Futurisk is your one stop shop for all credit management needs that let businesses grow beyond boundaries. Our In-Depth Knowledge of trade mechanics and corporate risks helps the trade stay stable during challenging situations. Our detailed risk underwriting analyses on the industry sector and countries based on the financial and non-financial information acts as an extra layer of protection to the investments and transactions based on credits. The comprehensive cover includes:

  • Risk Assessment: Analyzing the buyers based on their financial and non-financial information
  • Risk Monitoring: Monitoring the buyers on a quarterly basis
  • Debt Collection: In case of an overdue we help in debt collection across the world
  • Claims: In eventuality of a claim, we payout the claim amount in 30 working days in case of insolvency and 150 days in case of protracted default.