Credit insurance is insurance taken out by a borrower to pay off one or more existing debts in the event of the borrower’s death, or disability. Credit insurance is often a feature of credit cards, and monthly charges represent a small percentage of the outstanding balance on the card. Credit insurance can provide financial protection against certain catastrophes.
Provide insight into customer financial standing and improve customer relationships.
Improved banking relationships and better access to finance.
Protect your company from bankruptcy risk.
Strengthen the company's confidence to pursue new opportunities without hesitation.

Futurisk Advantage

Futurisk is a one-stop shop for all credit management needs that enable businesses to grow across borders. Our in-depth knowledge of trading mechanics and corporate risk helps us stabilize our trading even in difficult circumstances, such as

Risk Assessment

Buyer analysis based on financial and non-financial information.

Risk Monitoring

Quarterly Buyer Monitoring.

Debt Collection

Assisting in the collection of overdue claims worldwide.


In the event of damage, we will pay the claim within 30 working days in case of insolvency and 150 days in case of prolonged insolvency.