We cannot put a number to the value of human life. Hence, it is always better to secure your family’s future and protect them financially against the uncertainties of tomorrow. A Life Insurance policy is a critical planning tool that will allow your family and your loved ones to deal with your loss, at least in terms of financial matters.

Navigating life insurance policies can be challenging; hence, working with an expert in the industry will enable you to choose the right type of cost coverage. For the past 17 years, Futurisk has been known for our tradition of protecting our customers’ futures, families and aspirations. 

Our approach to life insurance policy plans is based on providing a comprehensive solution to our customers rather than following the interaction for a mere transaction. We will be involved in the complete life insurance policy cycle, delivering the best services to clients in every facet, from the best coverage and competitive life insurance premium to adding hassle-free claims settlements.

We Exist To Create Possibilities

    Realistic Solutions Tailored For Your Needs

    At Futuristic, we have a dedicated team of professionals who have strong knowledge in the domain and will help you choose the best among the LIC schemes, in turn delivering proper value to our customers.

    High Cover at Affordable Cost
    Tax Benefits Available under Section 80 (C)
    Includes all forms of death
    No medical risks up to 45 years
    Select Policy Term from 5-35 years
    Covers all terrorism attacks
    Minimum Life Insurance Premiums
    Life Cover range between Rs. 10 Lakhs to Rs. 10 Crore
    Distinctive benefits to women