Spearheading an entire organisation is often accompanied by unexpected expenses and legal issues due to liabilities. In the dynamic business environment, your organisation is vulnerable to various risks and claims, that can lead to a disruption in operations and extensive financial loss. As your reliable partner, Futurisk safeguards professionals from claims against them and helps compensate for any loss of reputation or personal assets with liability insurance.

Futurisk helps organizations navigate the sea of ​​employer’s liability insurance and put together the right plans. From small businesses and start-ups to large corporations, we support our clients with over 20 years of insurance expertise. With stringent liability, litigation and regulatory requirements, Futurisk Professional Liability Insurance ensure you are covered from any business challenge.

Today, liability insurance is an essential part of corporate insurance, covering any work-related injuries, illnesses, and demise of employees. The Futurisk liability insurance policies cover all legal expenses to offer employers the confidence to deal with business setbacks. Accidents and mishaps may occur even under strict safety protocols. Hence, we recommend the right coverage plan for our clients for adequate insurance.

Business liability insurances at Futurisk are tailored to your corporate and professional needs. As leading liability insurance brokers in the industry, we ensure our designs actively contemplate your organisational goals, reduced costs, and risk mitigation for optimised coverage.

We Exist To Create Possibilities

    A Cohesive Protection Against Diverse Liabilities


    Covers compensation for employees who feel their loss or injury was caused due to their employer's negligence.

    Wrongful Misrepresentation

    Covers employee discrimination charges for misrepresentation based on race, sex, age, and more.

    Breach of Trust

    The policy cover protects directors and officers from financial or legal losses if an employee breaches company policies.

    Breach of Fiduciary Duty

    Shields employers from fiduciary duties ranging from reputation damage to loss of a licence and monetary penalties.

    Breach of Warranty of Authority

    Safeguards employers' against claims of misconduct and misuse of authority.

    Unlawful default

    Covers false and frivolous claims, out-of-court settlements, defence costs and expenses, and compensatory damages awarded against higher company officials.

    The Futurisk Promise

    Industry Expertise

    Integrity and transparency have ensured our clients' trust for over two decades.

    Extensive Services

    We ensure our clients benefit from a comprehensive liability package against a broad spectrum of risks.

    Unique Plans

    Our liability insurance packages are tailored to meet all organisational needs.

    The Human-Tech Balance

    Stepping beyond simple transactions, we create lasting relations with the perfect balance of technology and human insight.